We help beginners get started, Intermediates progress and get more confidence, and assist the pros with the recording of their albums.


  • Confidence boosts, enhances presence
  • Emotional release, self expression
  • Enhanced verbal communication and social skills
  • Conquered fear of stage fright, public speaking
  • Brain stimulation, increased concentration, lengthened attention span
  • Ability to empathize with others through emotional storytelling
  • Increased awareness and connection to your body
  • Increased understanding of one’s own emotional state
  • Positive mood through stress reduction, anxiety release
  • Increased appreciation of arts, knowledge of music
  • Sense of self trust through achievement



We assess each student’s voice and design exercises for their specific goals, voice type, and genre. Lessons are custom designed for your needs.

Healthy belting: Many singers find maintaining a healthy technique while “belting” difficult. We help clients feel the difference between harmful and healthy belting. Our goal is to give you a healthy technique so that your instrument will last a lifetime. Helping students release tension makes singing much easier and much more fun.

“Mixed” voice: Going from your lowest note to your highest note seamlessly can be a big challenge for singers. We help singers blend registers to the point where the audience won’t hear your transition. This removes “breaks”, cracks, flips, and straining.

Range expansion: When a singer can’t get past their “breaks” they assume all higher notes are out of their range. By balancing their registers, our instructors drastically improve a singer’s range. Most students gain an octave or more.

Vocal Style: What makes you unique as a singer? We help singers identify their strengths to create a unique style that feels authentic to them. We want you to love the feeling you get when you sing and love your own personal style.

“Put it in the mask”

“Open your throat”

“Breathe from your diaphragm”

What the heck does that mean?


Singing is different from all other instruments because we don’t get to see what we’re doing and often what we hear is not the same as what everyone else hears. We have to go by the sensations we get when we sing. However our teachers don’t say “place the voice here”, we do it for you with our vocal exercises. In other words: don’t tell a man what food tastes like, let him taste it himself. Our teachers know that these sensations feel different to each student. This means we must get students to feel and recognize the correct sensations first to fully realize what the audience is hearing. When students learn what the correct sensations feel like, they can trust their voices even when unable to hear themselves.

What do YOU want to work on? What would make you happier with the sound of your voice? Our voice teachers want to help singers with their most prominent issues. Our teachers won’t make you work on whatever they say. We won’t give you endless exercises, we give effective exercises for your specific issues the move forward. We want you to be happy with the sound of your own voice and the feeling you get when you sing. We have clients choose their own songs with suggestions when asked. We want you to be inspired by your voice and music so the rest of the world will be too.

What makes you unique as a singer? Our teachers listen to people sing all day, when means we can easily point out what makes a singer different from the rest. We help singers identify their strengths to help them separate them from the masses. We want our singers to each have a unique sound that an audience will be able to recognize.

Visual, hands on, analytical, etc, what kind of learning our you? As singers we all have a unique sound, style, and genre but along with that, we all learn differently. Our teachers adapt our teaching style to your specific learning style.

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