Melina’s Specialties

Vocal Technique: Healthy belting, volume, control 
Vocal Style & Timbre: Develop your unique style, find a tone you love
Range Expansion: Gain higher notes
Fundamentals of Singing: Breathing, training your ear for pitch
Studio Recording: Tips for singing at a recording session
Live Performance: Help to prepare you for your live performance
Audition Preparation: Song recommendation, audition advice
Musical Genres: all with emphasis on Pop, Rock, EDM

Melina’s Rates

First hour introductory lesson: $75
Introductory lessons include a vocal assessment, exercises, expertise advice, and a discussion of your personal goals. 

Individual lessons (lessons a la carte)
Hour: $120
Half hour: $64

Membership plans (regular attendance)
Hour: $269/month
Half hour: $139/month
3 lessons per month


Melina Holm

Melina is a Vocal Instructor, professional singer, and songwriter. She has knowledge in traditional vocal techniques as well as the latest trends in singing. 

Melina teaches all ages. Her students range from complete beginners to advanced professional singers. While she loves all types of music, she specializes in teaching and writing pop, EDM, and pop-rock music.

Melina has 10+ years experience in vocal coaching, 8+ years experience in professional studio recordings working as the vocal coach and producer, and 7+ years experience as a host and project manager of a national Swedish multi media competition for youths. 

She has been performing professionally since the age of 9, in solo performances as well as with live bands. She’s experienced in recording commercial songs, demos, vocal arrangement,  and back up.  

“It would be an honor to help you reach your musical goals!” – Melina

Studio Location:

Located in Brentwood, CA
(near Santa Monica)
11950 San Vicente Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90049

(800) 531-0524

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