We help beginners get started, Intermediates progress and get more confidence, and assist the pros with the recording of their albums.


  • Range Expansion
  • Register Blending
  • Safe Belting
  • Tension/strain removal
  • “Break” removal
  • Breathing coordination
  • Performance support
  • Microphone techniques
  • Ear training
  • Tone quality coloring
  • Vibrato control
  • Volume control




Enjoy singing but are unsure of all you can do with your voice?
Our vocal coaches will make you feel comfortable singing in front of others while experimenting with your voice. We’ll walk you through the basics of singing: pitch, breathing, register change, range discovery, etc.

Hobbyists find that singing becomes much easier and much more fun after some training. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, it’s our goal to make you feel safe and supported while trying something new.


Have a pesky “break” in between your high and low registers?
We can blend these registers so that the listener doesn’t hear the change. This will increase your confidence as a singer, especially on the high notes.

Have a great voice that gets tired or strained?
Our coaches specialize in safe belting. Hit high notes without excess tension!

Want a style that lets the listener identify you immediately?
The unique style of an artist is key. Let’s discover what makes you “you”, playing to your uniqueness and strengths.


What is it that YOU want to work on?
Professional singers are not afraid to make demands when it comes to their art. Whether in the recording studio, on stage, or in a voice lessons. Let us help you with your most prominent issues.

Already have a fan base that expects a certain sound from you?
If that sound is tiring we can help make it less straining. You will be able to sing encores night after night on tour. Healthy technique on the road is key.

Need help in the recording studio?
Does a producer want a certain sound from you that you’re unsure how to deliver? We can help make you confident in stressful times


  • Range expansion

  • Healthy belting

  • Register blending

  • Power and volume with ease

  • Vocal tone or timbre control

  • Vibrato and sustaining

  • Vocal style development

  • Licks, runs, trills, melisma

  • Artist development

  • Breathing technique

  • Healthy vocal technique that will last a lifetime!


  • Vocal rehab and repair

  • Performance development

  • Acting or expressive development

  • Microphone technique

  • Stage presence


Do you teach opera, jazz, and all genres of music?
We give you the vocal coordination you need, enabling you to sing any style you want! Our teachers will design vocal exercises specifically for your voice. These exercises will move you through your entire range giving you more styling choices and the vocal freedom to hit the notes you desire.

Do you teach beginners as well as professionals?
Yes, singers of all levels will benefit from instruction.

Can anyone learn to sing or are singers born with the gift to sing?
As long as you can speak, you can sing! If a person has trouble singing on the right notes, sometimes they just haven’t learned how to use all the different parts of their voice. We can work with you to pinpoint what you problems are, and help you improve. All students notice improvement from lessons.

How long will I need to take lessons?
It all depends on where you are now and how far you would like to go. Some issues can be solved in a few lessons.

Do I really need vocal technique if I can already sing?
Yes. Vocal technique is crucial to keeping your voice healthy. Remember, you only get one set of vocal cords! Our goal is to help you keep singing for a lifetime.

Can I get a lesson via the phone or the computer?
Yes. We can teach over any speaker phone or via the internet with Skype, Facetime, etc. We offer lessons all over the country.

Can you be too young or too old to begin singing?
No. If you can talk, you can sing. With young children, we mostly keep singing fun. It all depends on the child’s ability to concentrate and that varies greatly. Our youngest student is 4 yrs. and our oldest is 96 yrs

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