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Kathleen Kernohan

Kathleen Kernohan

Kathleen Kernohan is a Vocal Coach, professional singer, actress, and recording artist.

She has taught singing, acting, and creative dramatics for over 25 years.

She specializes in children and adult beginners, making the learning process fun and exciting.

Kathleen helps prepare students for performances and auditions by applying acting methods to singing. She specializes in Musical Theater and Jazz.

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Kelly Farrell

Kelly Farrell

Kelly Farrell is a Vocal Coach and Life Coach.

She helps students build self confidence and helps rid them of anxiety holding back their talent.

“My goal is to help people discover their Authentic Voice.

Kelly has the ability to help student’s reach their full potential and enjoy their gifts.

A majority of students come to Kelly to learn “healthy belting” which gives singers power while making singing feel easy.

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Angela Michael

Angela Michael

Angela Michael is a Vocal Coach, singer/songwriter, and regular live performer.

Angela has a vast understanding of singing, performing, harmonies, ear training, vocal arranging, recording vocals, hiring musicians for your original songs, increasing range, strengthening overall sound, finessing pitch/tone and creating vocal demos.

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You’ll see a hair salon at our address on San Vincente Blvd, come to the center of the courtyard and turn right.

Go out the glass door leading to our parking lot. The studio is located in the back of the building via the parking lot. Also accessible via Montana Ave.

Parking: Enter our parking lot via Montana Blvd.



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